Monday, June 23, 2008

so much has happened

A lot has happened in the last week. We moved out of our house in Rochester and everything got packed up for storage. We are now spending our days around Minneapolis (Apple Valley and Bloomington) and a few days coming up in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Here is what has been happening and what will be happening in our lives.

June 18th - pack up everything
June 20th - move everything into truck and place in storage
June 19th - move up to relatives' townhouse in Apple Valley
June 21st - Bryan's family in Apple Valley and us at hotel next to Mall of America in Bloomington
June 24th - Bryan's family returns to Fargo
June 25th - we move from hotel back to townhouse in Apple Valley
July 1st - we pick up Bryan's sister, Kim, from the airport in Minneapolis
July 2nd-6th - we are in South Dakota with Raquel's family
July 6th - we arrive back in Apple Valley and stay in Apple Valley
July 7th - we pack up everything for our trip to Honduras
July 8th - we leave for Honduras at 7:20 AM from Minneapolis airport
August 6th - we arrive back into Minneapolis Airport and stay 1 night in Apple Valley
August 7th - all of our stuff will be delivered to our new house in Bloomington and we will officially move in

We appreciate your prayers.

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