Monday, June 16, 2008

my husband rocks!

I know that Bryan is a great dad but I think the world needs to know (or at least the few people who read this blog). He worked so hard all weekend to earn our family money so that we can pay for our Honduras trip and moving expenses. We all were up in Apple Valley, MN this weekend staying at Mel and Jackie's (Bryan's uncle and aunt) townhouse. Bryan worked overnight Friday night and Saturday night, each shift was from 7pm to 7am. He slept during the daytime and we even squeezed in some time with friends on Saturday to celebrate our friend, Sara's, birthday! Sunday came and Bryan slept more. I knew that he wouldn't get to each lunch on Sunday with us so we got Taco John's for dinner on Saturday evening. This is, by far, Bryan's favorite restaurant, so he enjoyed it. I do like it but not nearly as much as Bryan. This just shows that Bryan is a practical and down-to-earth kinda guy. He doesn't need some fancy meal or expensive steak to enjoy some food with his family.

Last year I tried creating a tradition of going out for steak on Father's Day but Bryan wasn't really into that so we ate at Taco John's instead. He does love a good steak and wishes that Ruth Chris' Steakhouse was more affordable. He will splurge occasionally for one of their yummy steaks!

This Father's Day Bryan would have liked to have gotten out with his family and done something fun with his boys, like take them mini golfing for the first time but we simply didn't have the energy for this. Instead he settled for measuring the kitchen and cabinets in our new home in Bloomington.

I think the best part of his day was laying around watching the US Open on TV. Tiger sure is entertaining and Bryan enjoyed relaxing with the boys and me for a couple hours in the late afternoon. We also go to have some yummy frozen custard from Culver's to end the day well.

I may not be posting so often for the next couple months because we have a lot going on. See previous post about the prayer calendar. The calendar also has the major stuff that is going on in our lives. We are packing like crazy--stuff for Honduras and our essentials for the next 7 weeks and the stuff that the moving company won't take and the stuff I don't want them to touch. We are off to another late night.

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