Saturday, June 7, 2008

lots of tears shed

Today was a rough day because of many things going on in our lives.

We said goodbye to our closest neighbors, Teresa, Josh, Jack and Luke. They are moving closer to family in Michigan. Their move hit especially hard because it brings the reality of our move to light. Jaden and I cried in their driveway today as they left. Jack is 2 and Luke is 1 and my boys enjoyed playing with Teresa's boys. Teresa was a wonderful friend that I wish I could have as a neighbor forever but God had other plans.

We had a lot to get done today in preparation for our Honduras Open House/Goodbye/"Bring it if you got it" (we really just didn't know what to call it) Party that we are having Sunday (tomorrow) at our house from 3-6pm. I needed to get the food all figured out and bought. That ended up happening later than planned because of some extra internet research that had to be done on Honduran recipes and we wanted to spend a few minutes with our friends before they left. Anyway, we made it to the Mexican market and Walmart but that pushed naps a little late today.

While in Walmart, a nightmare of mine came true. Clay didn't want to sit in the front of the cart so I let Jaden but that left Clay to roam around. Soon Clay was in the back of the cart but just couldn't stay sitting. I thought I was being very careful to not move whenever he was standing but that wasn't enough. While we were stopped, he reached out to get something and tumbled out of the cart and hit the floor pretty hard with his head and his whole body. He was just sprawled out. I quickly grabbed him up while he was screaming, which was good because that means he is ok but just hurt (we hope). We took it easy in Walmart, hoping someone would come to our rescue to check on us while Clay screamed for about 15 minutes, but nothing until he stopped crying and an employee came over to say hi. He said he didn't see what happened after I asked but just heard the crying. I felt like a terrible mother and was very worried that it might have done a lot of damage to Clay. He seems fine now and I am sure prayer helped us both. I just wish things like this didn't have to happen but I have two very energetic boys that aren't very obedient.

This incident reminded me of the first (yes, I said first) time that Jaden fell down the stairs. I was terrified. He was fine and ended up falling down the stairs at least 4 more times in different circumstances. I swear I am not a negligent parent and from these experiences I have learned of many other parents similar experiences. They have definitely taught me to rely on God more and try to watch my kids more closely but I know it is impossible to always keep an eye on them. Accidents will happen and probably more with little boys around. I am just amazed that we haven't had a broken bone yet. I am sure that will come.

This evening was also difficult and more tears were shed. I went to our church's Saturday night service with the boys while Bryan is working some extra shifts to pay for our Honduras trip. (We are working like it depends on us to pay for our Honduras trip but at the same time trusting God and praying like it depends on Him to provide funds in miraculous ways to increase our faith in Him.) The service tonight was good but I was reminded a few times of our moving and how soon it is coming and the goodbyes have already started. That brought me to tears on the way home and I just let them come. Jaden, of course, became disturbed by this but he did seem to understand that moving is difficult. Jaden was sure proud of himself for making me happy again once we got home.

Now I have a lot of work ahead of me tonight and tomorrow morning in preparation for having people over on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully we will see some of you reading this. So many people have been such a blessing in our lives in Rochester. I just hope that we can express this to our Rochester family before we go.

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The Tebben Family Blog said...

I am so sorry that happened. You are not a bad mom!