Wednesday, November 12, 2008

new ATK development

So, I had almost counted the ATK job out but promised myself to call the lady that I interviewed with one more time. I talked with her yesterday and think she would make one amazing boss. She was so open and honest and flexible with me about what I want. She knows I am not crazy about ammunition, missiles and artillery (I don't even know the difference but I might soon). She knows that I want to do space stuff and there is potential for me to do that at ATK.

Anyway, there is a job for me that is part-time starting on a guidance project for some artillery with potential to work on the Ares rockets (which will be used to launch the space shuttle replacement, Orion, and other payload to the Moon and beyond) in the future. The most amazing thing is that they are willing to hire me part-time to start! I am not sure I will love the work but I love the potential work. My possible, future boss is ok that I may not love the work but we both agree that some more experience in anything aerospace related would be great for me. And who knows, I may like the work more than I expect. The experience will translate well to anything space related so that is worth working now.

We are working together on the offer, negotiating hours, salary and benefits currently. I will keep you updated as it develops. Our family continues to talk about mommy working and both kids going to "school" and we are praying lots about all of the decisions to be made.


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YAY FOR THE JARABEKS!!!!! So proud of you R :):)

Kara said...

Hey Raquel. I just realized I don't have your email address to gift you the song you won. Send it to me and I will get it right out to ya! So glad we have reconnected. I love the internet!!

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Hey Raquel. I have been trying and trying to send you the song to that email and it says it is invalid. Crazy thing. Is this your only email? You said Right?? Thanks