Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jaden's 4th birthday

We had a blast on Friday night throwing a dinosaur party for Jaden. I have really come to love planning special parties for my boys. We had 5 families over to our house. There were 11 kids in all. It was a high energy blast. I made dinner for everyone and let my corny, creative side out. I made stegasaurus hot dogs and quesadillas in the shape of tyranasaurus rex heads and a fruit plate in the shape of triceratops head. There are pictures on my picasa webiste (see lower right). I also made a triceratops head ring toss. The kids searched for "dinosaur" bones with candy in them and smashed hard sand to get the dinosaur out. We got an awesome cake from Target with roaring dinosaurs that light up on top of the cake. Bryan also did an awesome job of decorating our house as a jungle. Jaden had a great time and has thoroughly been enjoyed his presents from everyone.

Jaden officially turned 4 today (11/23/04). This morning I tried explaining to him that he came out of my belly 4 years ago today. I don't think he grasped that yet. We did start a new tradition today. Well, I am hoping it will be a tradition. Jaden got to have ice cream for breakfast on his birthday. I am hoping to continue this tradition when I turn 30 on January 6th, 2009. I attempted to make him anything he wanted for breakfast but he was not into that idea, instead asked for ice cream. I said ok and a new tradition was born.


Laurie said...

Ice cream for breakfast? I love that boy!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Jaden :) We do a Pan"cake" for breakfast with candles on our birthday but ice cream would be a great side item :)

Raquel Jarabek said...

I attempted to make Jaden a "normal" breakfast food and even emphasized pan'cakes' but he is not a fan. He suggested ice cream and I at first thought to say no and then thought again, why not? So, ice cream it is. I am not crazy-obsessed about him eating healthy all the time. He is a very good eater and will try almost anything. He enjoys eating fruit and vegetables so I am not worried about one day a year having ice cream for breakfast.