Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hunting weekend

Bryan got to go pheasant hunting with his dad, brother, uncle and grandpa this weekend around Wolsey, SD. It is a very small town (400 people) with lots of farms around that they got permission to hunt for pheasants. They did get quite a few pheasants but didn't reach their limits of 3/person/day. Not sure what we are going to do with the pheasant meat but it is frozen at Bryan's grandparents.

I still have issues with hunting in general. I am not a lover of guns and thinks they cause a lot of unnecessary accidents. Bryan really enjoyed hunting and will probably do it again in a few weeks when we are back there for Thanksgiving with his family.

Bryan is hopefully going to get back to me about the number of hunting accidents and how it compares to car accidents. In my mind it happens a lot more frequently when you own a gun and use it and have it in your house. For now, we don't have a gun in our house but that may change someday if the hunting keeps up.

We did have a good, fun weekend with family. I got some great time alone to scrapbook in the basement. I have officially finished the 2006 events in our family's life. Now onto 2007. I would love to be within a year of things actually happening in our lives. Scrapbooking is great therapy for me and it really helps me remember what all we have done over the years.

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Teresa said...

Josh too has decided to become a hunter.... interesting! He is borrowing his brother in law's gun this weekend for Deer Opener. They are heading to his dad's property. I am not a GUN lover either!!!