Tuesday, November 25, 2008

discipline payoff

I have had a realization lately about disciplining my boys. I think that Bryan and I have chosen to be on the heavier end of discipline and I probably didn't realize it. I have thought that disciplining my kids has been the hardest part about raising them so far and now I think part of that reason is because we have chosen to teach our kids more lessons than the average parent. Not sure why that is but it just seems like we discipline on issues where other parents tend to shrug it off. Anyway, I have thought in the past that we could either be more relaxed about the discipline or we can keep it up and hope that it pays off.

I think I am just starting to see that it is paying off. It is so nice to see my kids behaving so kindly to each other and other kids. Lately I have observed Jaden letting other friends go first on the slide. I have seen Jaden helping Clay when he couldn't climb up the ladder by himself. I have seen my boys take turns at putting their arm around each other in love (not wrestling). I have seen Jaden and Clay giving up a toy that they are playing with to let another kid have a turn. I have seen Jaden asking Clay to play with him because he enjoys doing things with him, especially playing computer games together. And the list goes on...

Those things just melt my heart and thank God more for my 2 boys.

Don't get me wrong, they still have lots of moments of fighting, yelling, pushing and being mine-o-saurs (one of our favorite books--Mine-o-saur) but I am seeing the qualities and character that I have hoped for in my kids. I have God, Bryan and lots of family and friends to thank for encouraging me to keep up with the discipline even when it is tough. I know that tough days will still come so I am happy to have this memory to encourage me in the future.

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Teresa said...

You are a FANTASTIC mom! Keep up the great discipline! We believe in the same method :) Happy Turkey day--Still sick here :(