Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my captivating Jaden

Jaden has been entertaining me and making me smile more and more the older he gets. His sweet and more obedient side is coming out as he ages and I am enjoying it.

He has been saying so many cute things lately. I just love listening to him talk to Clay and try to explain things to him.

He frequently asks me if I am happy. "Mom, are you happy?" I guess he has figured out that life is more miserable if I am not happy. I am not sure how he came up with that question but I frequently tell him when I am not happy so his questioning helps me tell him more when I am happy too.

We talk a lot about spiritual things because he has a lot of questions. Now whenever I don't feel well or let him know I have a headache, he replies, "Mom, God is with you. He can heal you." His sweet, innocent faith and trust in God is inspiring. I love hearing his perspective.

Today was Jaden's first official day of preschool for this year. It is his 2nd year of preschool and he won't be able to enter kindergarten for 2 years from now. He will have lots of preparation but I think he needed it from where he started. It was so fun taking him to preschool today. It was a family affair since Bryan is working evenings right now, I managed to get him out of bed this morning even though he wanted to sleep.

Last year was not fun the first day and many days throughout the year were difficult. He never really got to the point of enjoying preschool last year but today was different. He was excited to go! He had already been there for a tour and orientation and was excited to go back. That just made my day. He came home happy and I got more description about preschool today than I did all of last school year. I thoroughly enjoyed his joy.

We chose a Lutheran preschool, St. Luke's. Almost all of the preschools here are Lutheran so we went with the one that had the best time options which still are not our preference. The teachers for his class are amazing and very overqualified but I still wish the curriculum was a little more academic but maybe they will surprise me. Jaden will be there on Wednesday and Friday mornings for 2 1/5 hours from 9:15 to 11:45. Not sure what all I will be doing with Clay while Jaden is away but right now we have a lot of clothes shopping to do. My boys need shoes and Jaden has outgrown most of his wardrobe again. I have lots of holey pants and stained shirts from time spent with my boys. I really don't enjoy clothes shopping but I have a feeling I will be doing lots of it in the near future.

I know that I have not been as consistent blogging as previously but it seems all I can manage now. There just seems to be so much to do still with all of the moving in and fixing up our house. I still don't have ahold on any routine yet. Bryan's schedule still seems quite variable and it may always be but I have really been enjoying having him around so much.

We are off on a road trip this weekend so you probably won't read anything from me until Monday or later. We are heading up to Bryan's parents in Fargo to leave this kids there for the weekend. Then we are driving to Wyoming for a football game. North Dakota State (Bryan's alma mater from undergrad and I went there one year). We will be driving there with Bryan's brother (Eric) and his wife and their son and Bryan's sister. Eric is a huge NDSU fan and still works on campus in nanoscience. We enjoy roadtrips so it should be quite fun and it will be nice to have some time without the boys too. I think we will be in a van for about 36-38 hours over the next 5 days.

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