Thursday, September 18, 2008

all sick

We are all sick and I am getting sick of it. I have had a bad cold/cough/viral bronchitis for the last week and a half. Bryan and the boys have it too. Jaden's turned into a fever and ear infection/pain in the last day and half. We are all miserable and sleep deprived because Jaden isn't sleeping well and Bryan is working overnights. He has been working 10pm to 6 am since Monday night and he has one more shift tonight.

We have had my dad's cousin Renee and her mom, Olga (my great aunt) staying with us the last two nights. I am sure that Jaden woke them up last night. They are here because Val, Olga's husband of 60 years, is in the hospital for heart surgery Friday morning. He could defintely use prayer to get through the surgery and for God's presence to be with the family during this difficult time. A lot more family is coming into town tonight but they are all staying near the hospital downtown tonight.

We were just at Val and Olga's 60th wedding anniversary party over Labor Day weekend. Their actual anniversary is in October and we are praying that they get to celebrate it together. They have great faith in God and have a great marriage. We are just happy that we can help them out in any way possible while they are nearby.

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