Saturday, September 13, 2008

missing my boys

We are in Cheyenne, WY and have been away from our kids for almost 2 days. I miss them. They are now with their Grandpa Cal and Grandma Vicki and Great Grandparents, Victor and Eileen. Grandpa Cal has taken care of them during the day for the last day and a half. He made this trip possible without kids and it has been a nice break. I miss my boys and all the fun we could be having.

We are having lots of fun with Bryan's sister, Kim, and his brother and his wife, Eric and Laura.
We are all looking forward to going to the NDSU Bison game against the U of Wyoming. For now it is nice to not be driving but the driving has went well and we have had fun in the van too.

Being away from the boys is good for me. I am looking forward to being with them again and making them laugh. I love watching them play and make each other smile and have fun. I am sure they are having lots of fun with all of Grandma's toys while we are away.

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carol.langer said...

You and Bryan were only 40 minutes away from Dan and I!