Tuesday, September 23, 2008

living through the coughing

I am still coughing and sick but at least Bryan is not working nights and my kids are doing better. Bryan tells me that I have viral bronchitis and just need to wait it out, so that is what I am doing. Last week was rough with little sleep due to sick Jaden not sleeping well and Bryan working nights while we had to keep quiet during the day so he could sleep. I am glad that week is over and won't come again for another 12 weeks or so.

Yesterday my sister-in-law, Chrystine, gave me a little break from my boys and I actually started looking for a job in Minneapolis again. I have my resume updated again and found some jobs with ATK to apply for in the aerospace field. I didn't have time to apply for them yet but will soon. I still feel like going back to work, hopefully part-time, is the best thing for me to do. I really think that is where God wants me to be for part of my life right now in addition to investing in my kids.

We are very excited about our new church, Upper Room Community. They are now in the process of completely separating from the church that helped them start, Christ Presbyterian Church, and are starting the process of looking for their own location. They are not separating because anything bad happened but instead because they can expand their influence by separating. We love being apart of a church that is helping people's lives be changed by Jesus and that is getting Christians to live out their faith in active ways. Tonight we are going to meet our small group that we will be joining for the next few months. Their groups are called meal groups and they meet twice a month to discuss a Christian book and once a month to volunteer somewhere as a service activity. We can't wait for tonight!


Teresa said...

Do the boys get to go with you?

Sorry you are still sick :( I have thought a bunch about you lately! I am glad we got to visit on the phone :) Luke and I have colds again...nothing compared to you! Feel better soon!

Raquel Jarabek said...

The boys went with us last night but they were with childcare workers. We will have a group babysitter for them whenever our meal group meets. We had a great time last night getting to know some new people.