Thursday, March 29, 2012

career hopefulness

I am filled with hope about my career prospects today in the Minneapolis area. I am involved in a two and a half day meeting to discuss the Journey to Space exhibition that is in development at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul. We have advisers coming from all over the country to give us feedback on our current plans. It will be an exciting couple of days for me.

In addition to the museum meeting, I have continually been finding more space related endeavors for me to pursue. There are possible traveling NASA exhibitions coming to Minnesota. There is the possibility of becoming a local ambassador for NASA. There is more to explore about bringing some of NASA to Minnesota, possibly with a Challenger Center someday (dreaming big). I am enjoying learning more about local museum options for hosting space related activities. I also am excited about the possibility of getting involved at the University of Minnesota in astronomy or physics research and classes. Maybe someday I will pursue another masters degree in astronomy. And there is also the option of engineering contract work for NASA through a unique satellite software I have worked on in the past and a renewed connection with a former University of Maryland aerospace engineering classmate now living in the Twin Cities.

I am thanking God for allowing me to use my talents and for giving me hope to use my talents in Minnesota in the future.

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