Tuesday, April 3, 2012

spring break

We are on a short trip to Fargo, ND to visit family over the kids' spring break from school. I know Fargo is not a preferred destination for spring break but it is nice to be with family and the kids love playing with their cousins here. I was just looking back at our pictures from Phoenix. That is more like a spring break destination. We were there just 4 short weeks ago. So that was our real spring break, even though it was still during winter. My favorite memory from that trip is hiking Camelback Mountain with Bryan, Jaden, Clay and extra family. This is my favorite picture. Clay was the first of our family to the top and he sure was proud of himself. We couldn't get him to crack a smile for any pictures. The boys did great hiking and I can't wait to go on more hiking adventures with them. Yes, there is a sweet little foster girl missing from this picture. She was hanging out with grandma at the bottom of the mountain and if you ask her, she DID hike this mountain.

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