Tuesday, June 15, 2010

lazy me

Most people would not describe me as a lazy person but that is what I have been trying to be since January 1st. Yep, that is right. My New Year's resolution was to be lazier. I like to joke about it but it is really hard for me to relax and do nothing or just do one thing at a time. Any time I try to relax by watching a movie or reading or playing a game, I always find ways to combine it with another activity on my to do list (email, blogging, exercising, bills all take place while doing something else).

So I have been trying to cut back on doing stuff; everyday things that always seem to take my attention. I feel like I have succeeded this week. Every kitchen counter was covered with stuff; stuff to put away after unpacking, mail to go through, bills to pay, stuff to register for the kids, etc. That never happens in my house. I even noticed that I still had people's Christmas cards stashed away behind pictures on the wall. There were toys, blankets, clean laundry, papers, books and clothes all over the floors in every room of the house.

I succeeded in laziness, if only for a few days. Tonight Bryan and I caved in and cleaned it all up. A few things remain but the house it quite clean and picked up. The last couple days were a challenge to not lose sleep and choose not to clean. Glad I placed sleep as more important than a clean house. I will never regret that decision. I need to choose to be lazy more often! Really I need to find the true, holy benefit in rest.

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