Sunday, June 6, 2010

day to catch up

Today I am spending my time sitting in airports. I am on my way to Sacramento for my grandma's funeral. I get the day to myself while Bryan navigates airports and airplanes by himeself with the two boys. We weren't able to get reasonably priced tickets on the same flights. I feel bad for him, as I just heard about Jaden jumping head first over the row of seats in front of them. He is laughing about it now. We can only hope the natural consequences taught him a lesson.

I get the day to myself to catch up on reading, email, blog reading, work, blogging and crossing off other items on my to do list. I am enjoying my day so far and praying for Bryan.

We have experienced a lot over the last week and a half.
Trip to DC.
Friend's wedding.
Lots of hamburgers with DC friends.
Lots of laughing with my boys.
Applying for more NASA jobs.
Looking at potential DC area neighborhoods (if we get jobs there and move back).
Hearing about my maternal grandmother passing away.
Booking tickets to get to the Sacramento, CA area.
Getting time off work.
Hosting 8 of Bryan's extended family in our house.
Throwing Clay's 4th birthday party with 8 little boys and lots of rockets.

Now relaxing in a chilly airport with free, slow WiFi.

I am looking forward to warmth outside in sunny California. I heard it is 90 there today.

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TB said...

much love to you r :) hope you get some peace during your trip and some relaxation after such a busy time for your family. hugs. t