Monday, January 11, 2010

on travel

Technically I am on travel for work this week, Monday through Friday, but I am viewing it more as a mini-vacation. I don't have to cook or clean or do laundry. I don't have to deal with kids fighting, teaching them or entertaining them. I get to eat lots of restaurant meals paid for by my company. I get to stay in a hotel with cable TV. I get to read a lot. I get to surf the web uninterrupted. I get to do a lot of star-gazing with other nerdy engineers. I might even get to watch a movie or two. And I get to enjoy the warmer weather of southern California.

I know that my easy week is making Bryan's week harder so I will be sending up some prayers on his behalf. I do have a big presentation on Wednesday but that is still easier than taking care of my two boys. Kids are a lot of work (and joy) and my engineering job is definitely easier.

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