Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it just hit me

I know that the big earthquake in Haiti happened 8 days ago but tonight, watching CNN, it just hit me. Wow! So many are homeless, injured, orphaned, widowed, missing loved ones and hungry. The amount of help that is needed is overwhelming.

I have talked about the earthquake with friends and coworkers, with Bryan and even with our boys. My boys get it. They really get it. They want to help. They even want their dad to go and help. People at work have asked me if Bryan is going down there. We did throw the idea out but we are leaving for Honduras in a couple of weeks. We will help the needy there but surely they are not the neediest. We will keep doing what we can.

For now, my heart is broken. So many people have lost so much and they just keep going. There are not overwhelming pictures of people screaming and crying about their loss. There are not people dwelling on what they lost. There are just people trying to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving on. They are just trying to keep their own body living and breathing and maybe, just maybe they can get a little food or water. Wow! God help them. God's people help them. This is the time for people to be God's hands and feet and go and do whatever you can. Pray. Give. Go.

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