Friday, October 8, 2010

Jaden made my day

Yesterday as I was dropping the boys off at school. I ran around their small building. I made sure the boys got cereal. Gave some pictures to the teacher in the other room for a project that day. Then came back to Jaden and Clay and gave them hugs and kisses before leaving. As I was heading out of the door of the room, Jaden yelled, "Mom!" I turned around to see him and he looked at me and yelled, "I love you!" and then blew me a kiss. That just melted my heart. I yelled back, "Love you too!"

Then Clay said loudly, "I love you, Mom." I responded to him, "I love you, Clay."

I walked out of the room and building to my van. I had the biggest smile on my face. What joy my boys bring to my life! I think that was the first time Jaden or Clay told me that they love me without me prompting them. Maybe they really get it. Maybe they are just repeating what they have heard. Either way, I am overjoyed to hear it and I will treasure it.

This comes on the heals of me recently having a conversation with Clay after him telling me, "I love football, Mom." I explained to him that he doesn't just say that to me. He can't really love football and he proceeded to tell me that he really does. Surprising but maybe he does. I would have expected that to come from Jaden. Maybe I have two football loving sons.

Bryan and I recently saw the movie Backup Plan with Jennifer Lopez. It was cute romantic comedy but the line that sticks in my head is, "Kids are awful awful awful awful and then something beautiful, magical happens and then awful awful awful." I kind of agree with that statement but would adjust it to be, "Kids are difficult and wear you out most of the time and then every once in awhile there is a beautiful, magical moment that reminds you of why kids are so amazing."

Yesterday morning Jaden gifted me with one amazing moment.

I didn't have kids because I love children so much. I knew that kids would challenge who I am and craft me into a better person because God uses them. I am reminded of that almost daily. My kids challenge me on every front and I enjoy the challenge most of the time. Yesterday morning was not one of the challenging times but it still creates better character in me.

Thank you, Jaden and Clay, for loving me. You make me more loving of others.

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