Friday, December 12, 2008

cute kids

Yesterday the kids spent some time playing with their cousins, Kira and Brinley, at my brother's house. Bryan and I had some time away to volunteer at our church and at Feed my Starving Children. We all had dinner together and my sister-in-law, Chrystine, made some yummy lasagna for us.

While we were hanging out together, Kira kept repeating loudly, "We need shepherds."

She was walking around the living room repeating it while no one was really paying any attention and the dads were busy talking about golf.

Eventually Kira made her way into the kitchen where Chrystine asked ,"Kira, why do you need shepherds?"

Kira replied, "Because I am Mary and Jaden is Joseph. And....Clay is baby Jesus (he was crawling on the floor). We need shepherds."

Too cute. I love my niece's big imagination. I hope more of that carries over into my boys. This memory will have to be shared with Kira, Jaden and Clay when they are older.

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Roxanne said...

Gregory can come next week to be a shepherd!!!!!