Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas extravaganza

Our house is quiet now and everyone should be asleep but I am up wanting to blog and Bryan is working overnight.

My family all left our place by Tuesday and Bryan's mom got out of the hospital in Fargo on Tuesday also.

We have had a quiet holiday the last two days. Lots of time relaxing around the house.

Here are a few highlights from the last week.

Jaden (top left) singing one of many songs at his preschool Christmas program (9 Little Reindeer). There were lots of hand motions that got him to see at least part of the time. This was his last day at this preschool, so sad. A new school will come soon.
The kids playing in the snow. Clay did not enjoy the sled rides when the snow got kicked up in his face or when any snow got on his mittens.
Jaden and Kira loved the sled rides. Kira just loved eating snow.
The 5 cousins actually sat still for this photo shoot. No one left the couch for a good minute. Amazing! Left to right: nephew Gregory (my sister, Roxanne's son here from Colorado Springs), Clay, Jaden, niece Kira, and niece Brinley.
The gifts. Here is a rare picture of me getting my boys ready to see the big present.
The tool/workbench made by my dad, Grandpa Oscar. The boys love it and will get lots of play time out of it.
Our big meal together on Saturday. All my favorites: ham, mashed potatoes, ham gravy, fresh bread (forgot frozen rolls till later), pomegranate salad, strawberry pretzel salad/dessert, green bean casserole, Paula Dean's corn casserole and Paula Dean's pumpkin gooey butter cake.
Our own family Christmas. The boys chose the dessert for Jesus' birthday, a big chocolate chip cookie. It sure was yummy fresh out of the oven and a little gooey, topped with vanilla ice cream. They blew out the candle and we had fun singing Happy Birthday Jesus.
We spent 45 minutes reading numerous renditions of the Christmas story while everyone took turns acting out the scenes with the Little People Nativity. Love those Little People. They actually kept the boys attention and I think Jaden could retell the Christmas story, well, maybe part of it. I was surprised that Jaden knew Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Heading to bed now. I am hoping to get in some shopping on Friday. Gotta pick up ornaments for my boys at Hallmark. I am addicted to their ornaments.

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