Friday, September 14, 2007

kids and their messes

I thought I could just quick put a note up because I think this would be a good way to keep my family informed of my life but then life with kids happens. As I am starting the laptop, Jaden informs me that he peed all over himself and his chair while eating and then once I got him out of it he takes Clay's tray off of the highchair and dumps his food all over. The mess is still not all cleaned up but that is just a normal lunch for me. I was just thinking how much fun my kids are getting as I was making their lunches and talking to my mom on the cell phone while they run around the house. Things have reconvened now and the kids are playing nicely together on the new carpet. So here is the latest news around our house:
--We got new carpet last Wednesday.
--Jaden has been going to preschool for a week and half now and says, "I don't want to talk about it," to me when I ask him questions regarding school. However, he will talk to Bryan about it.
--Clay plays incredibly well by himself, it is a little frightening. He does seem to miss Jaden and is a little more clingy when he is not around.
--My Bible study (Side By Side) with medical spouses started again and so has MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) so we are in full swing of things.
--Next week Jaden starts a gym class too that me and Clay will go to observe and help out with. We are doing that to hangout with a new friend and her two boys.
--I have filled my life again from my once empty summer days....ha ha.
--Norway was gorgeously beautiful! The down side was that it was really expensive and rainy.
--Bryan had 5 interviews in the Minneapolis area and we are pretty sure we will end up there with Bryan working part time just a few days a month so I can work part-time to and he gets a much needed break for awhile.
--I am working on posting my resume to 9 aerospace companies that have locations in the Minneapolis area.

I think that is enough updates for now. Hopefully I will do this more regularly so I don't have as many things to update everyone about.

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Kevin said...

Hey, Raquel.

Good to hear that you and Brian and the boys are doing well. It is always more fun being busy than not.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Western Washington State Fair. There were tons of people there but we had a good time looking and eating. Tomorrow Nicole is taking the boys there to go on rides so we avoided the lines for the rides on Saturday.

We are experiencing one of many rainy cool days this summer.

That is pretty much all the news for the last couple days.

Talk to you soon. Kevin