Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Supported and blessed

I've never felt so supported by friends and family! We are on our way to Honduras and feel as though we have a large band of supporters behind us. We have friends who offered to get us to and from the airport, others who donated items for the 5k fundraiser race, teammates who gave us soccer equipment, and still others who helped us sort and gather medical supplies. And on top of that we have friends and family who donated money to be used in Honduras and are praying for us throughout this trip. Our church also prayed for us last Sunday. We are really feeling loved and supported.

We can't thank everyone enough for going along with us on this trip. You are truly a part of all we are doing in Honduras. We are so excited to serve others and use our gifts in Honduras.

If you want to give money to a great cause, you can still donate here: 
(enter Jarabek in the text box to find us)
We will be putting the money into a fund to help patients who can't afford their medical expenses and possibly using the money for other great causes in Honduras at Hospital Loma de Luz. 
We will update you about this in a couple weeks. You can still donate any time. We are in Honduras 6/30/16 to 7/19/16. 

Thank you for praying, giving and going with us on this journey. 

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