Tuesday, December 8, 2015

share your craft

I had a tinge of jealousy recently when I heard about a friend starting a new part-time business. It wasn't the business that I was interested in but instead it was her joy and passion for doing something that she cared about while her kids are at school.

I left that interaction with my friend and got in my car and heard this on the radio, "If you don't use your craft, you will be grumpy." So true! The radio conversation continued to discuss using your art or craft and sharing it with others. Everyone has a craft or art that they can share.

Both of these thoughts stir something inside of me. I know everything is better when I am using my skills and talents. I am more fulfilled and others get to enjoy what I am good at doing too. I am taking another break from working this school year. The third break I have taken. I know the feelings I get when not working. I know I am better when using my craft and skills and sharing them when others.

I will get to a time again when I am using my skills more fully but that time is not right now. I am trying to enjoy the benefits I have in life because I am not working despite the cloudiness (or grumpiness) I have from not using my craft. Whatever your craft is, get out and use it and share it with others.

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