Saturday, June 25, 2011

travel and school

So my boys returned from Grandma Vicki's house (and Grandpa Cal) sleep-deprived and probably overly sugared-up. But that is what is supposed to happen at grandma's house. I think they had a blast playing with 2 of there boy cousins and getting spoiled by the grandparents.

I was also glad to have them home. I got a lot done while they were away and the house stayed amazingly clean. We had a weekend with Bryan's brother, Eric, and his wife, Laura, and their two boys at our house. It is always fun having them with us. Then there were a few days of school and we were off again. This time to a Davidson family reunion in Sturgis, SD (near Rapid City). That is Bryan's paternal grandmother's family. They are a big family and they like to have fun together. We are staying at campground with most of the family. Lots going on and the boys found another 6 year old girl to follow around so they are in heaven.

After this trip we will be home for a few more days and then off again. That will probably be the theme of our summer: home a few days and travel some more. That is the way I like it. I enjoy that the boys still get some more school days in over the summer but the number of school days keeps shrinking as we plan more travel and activities.

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