Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You know you work on weapons when...(#7)

...you are told that you will soon be calculating Pi (subscript i), which is the PROBABILITY OF INCAPACITATION! Really!?! This is great motivation to look for another job.

I am working on the most clearly lethal weapon in my repertoire yet. It is a quite powerful and innovative gun. Jaden thinks it is pretty cool, but tries to sympathize by telling me to quit and stay home. Clay feels my agony and thinks I should get another job.

The boys were quite taken by watching a Star Wars cartoon with a friend in Honduras and told me about "a bubble that protects you from guns." Then they asked me if I could make a bubble gun. They think my job is pretty cool even though I don't.


Dave Fields said...

I'm sure that their friend in Honduras would think that the "space gun thingee" is pretty cool too. We're sorry for all of turmoil that you've been going through with the job and praying for a "bubble" of peace for you! DF

TB said...

I am hoping, praying and wishing for some sort of peace bubble to come your way! You deserve only the best R :)