Monday, March 1, 2010

day 11 of 19: canopy and monkeys

Today was another day of clouds and big waves. Not great conditions for snorkeling, sailing or diving (all which were planned). We are going back to the mainland tomorrow without sailing or diving. I have yet to be on a sailboat but I will make it one day. Bryan still hopes to go diving someday.

We did, however, make it to Gumbalimba. It is a neat park with a canopy (zip lines), monkeys and exotic birds. Bryan and I got to do the zip lines together while others took care of our boys. It was a blast! There were 20 platforms and 13 zip lines that were high up in the air. We had a great view and even saw an iguana munching on a tree. After the zip lines, we got to have monkeys and large, colorful birds sit on our shoulders and heads (not at the same time). It was so neat to be so close to monkeys and watch their behavior. They truly are curious monkeys.

Monday we are taking the ferry back to La Ceiba and then heading to the hospital for another week of work there. It has been so nice to get in some fun while in Honduras.

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