Sunday, September 28, 2008

advancements for Clay

Clay (my 2 year old) has had a big couple of days. Yesterday he decided that he liked peas and ate about 2 cups of them. I was very excited because he is not a big veggie eater and up until this point, he will only occasionally eat a couple carrots and cucumbers.

Then today he did not want to wear his diaper. I hesitated for a moment and thought I could easily force him to wear it but instead thought I would give potty training a try today since I didn't have anything planned until church at 5pm and Bryan was working. Clay wore underwear all morning and loved it. He did have two accidents but one was on the linoleum and the other was only a tiny bit. The most exciting news is that he actually peed in the toilet two times!!! He has sat on the toilet many times before and even pooped a couple of times in the toilet back in May but never has he peed in the toilet. This is big news and gives me motivation to try to train him to use the toilet more.

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